What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed reality is one of the last points reached by today's technology. This technology is becoming more and more widespread. The work done in this area, which is important for changing the dynamics of many sectors, will create new horizons for the future. We aim to put our country at the forefront of technological innovations with our investments and studies in this field.

Mixed Reality Glasses

Mixed reality glasses make this more realistic, unlike phones. In this way, those who wear these glasses can work with virtual objects in the same environment. These glasses, which are generally used in the field of medicine and engineering, have made virtual reality technology one click away. Hololens of Microsoft company and Magic Leap One glasses of Magic Leap company are generally used in this field. We are making improvements by working with both products.

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed reality is a concept that emerges as a result of the joint use of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.