What is Virtual Reality

Virtual reality; It is a technology that makes 3-dimensional areas and objects created in computer environment using various glasses / helmets feel as if they are real.

Virtual Reality Glasses

- Objects and spaces that were previously scanned with virtual reality technology or created in three dimensions on a computer are displayed with the help of such glasses / helmets.
- However, since this imaging is performed in three dimensions, it creates a new perception of reality in the user. This area created is a completely different area with a high sense of reality.
-In this way, after the virtual reality headset is worn, it feels like it is in a completely different area.

Virtual Reality Application Development

We are developing technical training practices to meet the qualified personnel need in our country. Our training practices cover many areas from healthcare to engineering.

Thanks to gamification, we make the applications we develop more fun and make the end users more enjoyable.

We provide a more realistic experience by keeping the texture and spatial quality of the applications we develop at a high level.

Gains Of Virtual Reality Technology

Technical Staff Training

Thanks to the application to be developed, it is aimed to train technical personnel who have just started work. In this way, even if the hired person does not have any technical experience, he will learn the work to be done thanks to the training he will receive through glasses. For example, taking an oil sample from a transformer. In this application, work cannot be started without wearing helmets and glasses. Thus, the desired training is provided to the user in a complete and complete manner, together with the desired messages. Benefits To Be Achieved

Thanks to these and similar studies, technical information will be given to employees. and skills. In addition, personnel will be trained on occupational safety. By creating situations in the virtual environment, employees will be able to absorb some correct habits in this way.
Thanks to the project, the training of the personnel is It will provide advantage in terms of cost, time and job security. In addition, as the project focuses on sustainability, the gains will continue to increase with the process.